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Employer Brand Consulting

Employer Brand Management is often positioned at the ‘recruitment marketing’ end of the HR spectrum and focused on messaging and promotional ideas to get it across. The role aims to make the best of what the organisation offers rather than to change it for the better.

Our approach requires a wholistic management from candidate resourcing to onboarding, from performance management to ex-employee alumni management. It combines HR and marketing expertise to organisations develop the kind of employer brand reputation and experience that will attract, engage and retain the necessary talent to achieve their business objectives.

Employer, just like the Product, Brand Manager must have regard for the whole employee/consumer experience

candidate and employee touch points


a holistic approach

Employer Brand Development and Management project include the following steps:

  • Existing employee researches, mesaurement & HR data
  • Employee input
  • Building brand insight platform
  • Idetifiying issues
  • EVP development workshops
  • Development of strategis positioning
  • Creative works
  • Main report and emploter brand management handbook

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